Marching for Science

Saturday 22nd April saw hundreds of thousands of people around the world marching in support of science. These weren't just scientists - "boffins" protecting their own relevance and importance. These were normal, concerned citizens who rallied to the call to support the role of rational thought and facts in everyday politics.

"The Pirate Party has a firm commitment to evidence-based policy," said Adrian Farrel, Chair of the Pirate Party's Board of Governors. "One of our seven core principles says that We will act on the basis of evidence, with the consent of society through democracy, in the interests of all."

In 2016, during the Brexit debate, Michael Gove (then Secretary of State for Justice) memorably claimed that, "People in this country have had enough of experts."

"This view of experts is unacceptable," said Imre Oks, a physics student and Pirate Party UK activist. "What Gove was really telling us was that he found expert opinion inconvenient. When facts got in the way of his ideas and the message he wanted to deliver, he was opposed to them. Gove demonstrated that he wanted to sweep aside the evidence in favour of his own beliefs, a mindset which is damaging not only to democracy, but also education - and especially concerning coming from a former Secretary of Education.

"The Pirate Party stands with all those who marched on Saturday. We are committed to base our policies on evidence, and we will campaign for fact-based government both locally and nationally."


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The Pirate Party in the UK is a fledgling political party. It has fielded a few candidates in European and National elections, but like most small parties it is significantly constrained by the UK electoral system. Despite this, the Pirate Party now has a representative in local government and is looking to build support from the grassroots. The party will be standing candidates in the June 2017 General Election.

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Sunday, 23 April, 2017 - 16:45
Adrian Farrel

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