Member's Update - Elections and Incumbents

Hello fellow Pirates,

We have some announcements to make!

If you're looking for some fresh content, our very own Danfox [ ] has posted an interesting long-read magazine piece on wars, friendship, and conscience [ ].

Or perhaps you'd like to see the latest update from our first Pirate in government, Cllr David A Elston. [ ] is his blog on an urbexing site being redeveloped for housing in St Athan.

Speaking of our Pirates down in South Wales, we are excited to announce our Official Pirate Party UK Candidate for the up-coming Rhoose by-election is James Thomas Fyfe [ ], a long time civil liberties activist. He follows in the footsteps of Andreas Habeland who stood in a local by-election in Westminster back on 5th May - getting a very respectable 0.8% of the vote first time out - so we are continuing to spread the Pirate message to voters and increasing our pool of candidates.

Let's bring more openness and transparancy to all levels of government. We've seen the way whistleblowers and members of the public are being treated. Lauri Love[ ] has narrowly escaped being deported and ordinary people like Nicholas Wilson[ ] are increasingly finding themselves having to pick between exposing wrongdoing or staying silent in fear of having a rough life.

Pirates want to end the stigma big business and our current government create and harrassment of whistle-blowers but we cannot do that without more of us standing as candidates and filling vital roles in the Pirate Party.

We are currently deciding if our Board of Governors needs reducing or if any Pirates would like to come forward to fill the vacancies[] .

Not sure what position is right for you? Not sure how you could help? Say hello on our community site. Someone is always lurking! [ ].

Yours piratically

Stephen Ogden
Pirate Party UK Acting Leader

Sunday, 29 May, 2016 - 22:00
Stephen Ogden

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