Nominations validated for NEC Internal Election

Ahoy fellow Pirates and electioneers!

As of 22:00 Friday the Nominations period had closed and the campaign period opened for the Pirate Party UK internal NEC election. Campaigning can continue up until voting ends, 24th November at 22:00 with voting itself opening 17th November at 22:00.

The following nominations as of today have been found to be valid by myself and the two official election monitors. If you wish to contest that the nominations below are valid, e-mail [email protected] in the first instance.
For the position of Party Leader:

Harley Faggetter as seconded by Chris Monteiro

Jason Winstanley as seconded by Noah Stride


For the position of Deputy Leader (Party Spokesperson):

Mark Chapman as seconded by Stephen Ogden


For the position of Party Secretary:

Matt Johnson as seconded by Sam Mills


For the positon of Party Nominating Officer:

Garry Kitchin as seconded by "Autumn"


For the positon of Party Treasurer:

Will Tovey as seconded by Jebediah Hedges

In all elections, regardless of the number of candidates, on your ballot you will be able to vote for the candidate of your choice or RON (Re-Open Nominations). Alternatively you can submit your vote without selecting one of the radio buttons, which simulates a spoilt ballot.

If you are already a nominated candidate, or would like to put questions to the candidates, then make use of our forum threads and discord channels.

Use this time wisely to show what you could bring to the Pirate Party UK's Leadership, or if you are undecided on who to vote for, find out a little bit more about your candidates.

Yours piratically,

David A Elston
Pirate Party Acting Nominations Officer

Tuesday, 14 November, 2017 - 21:30
David A Elston

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