Piracy statistics - Torrents continue despite web-blocking

MusicMetric have released an in-depth study of the digital music industry revealing that UK-based BitTorrent consumption hit 43 million album and single releases downloaded during the first half of 2012.

Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye commented:

"These figures don't prove anything very much, other than the fact that people like music, and that the people of Manchester are leaders in using technology. They are certainly not evidence of the BPI's shrill claims that 'a lot of people are getting very rich' from so-called piracy. And as MusicMetric point out, torrents download numbers also include lots of legal files: the actual most downloaded album in those statistics was a legal one.

measures like the current Pirate Bay block don't stop downloading

This report illustrates what the Pirate Party has always said: measures like the current Pirate Bay block don't stop downloading, and do nothing to put money in artists' pockets. All the crackdowns promoted by the music industry harm digital business by putting unnecessary burdens on Internet businesses, hampering freedom of expression and creativity.

Revenues in the music industry as a whole are actually rising

The reason that music industry figures are complaining so much is that with a properly functioning Internet, the big players are no longer needed in the same way. Every year, despite filesharing, we see revenues in the music industry as a whole are actually rising - it's just that the share that goes to the record companies has been going down, whereas the share that goes directly to the artist has been going up.

We really need to move on from this sterile debate and focus on policy that actually will benefit our shared culture and digital economy."

Loz Kaye
Party Leader
Pirate Party UK

Monday, 17 September, 2012 - 14:00
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