Pirate Party Launches New Web Platform

The Pirate Party has launched a new web platform on www.pirateparty.org.uk

The project took just over a year from specification to launch and was built and will be maintained entirely by volunteers. The site itself has been put together using open source software, and runs on Debian servers in the UK.   

The Pirate Party's previous web presence has been retained for archive purposes at legacy.pirateparty.org.uk

It is the second of several major upgrades to the Pirate Party's IT and communications infrastructure delivered by the Party's head of IT Steve Wilson and campaigns officer Andy Halsall.

Pirate Party Campaigns Officer Andy Halsall said:

This is a major step forward for the party. What we aim to do is to be the first UK political party that is really using the web to its full potential and we are getting closer to achieving that. We want to bring key issues like digital rights,  mass surveillance, care data and open democracy to a wider public in a language they can understand and our new site will help us do that.

We worked hard to ensure the site respects visitors privacy, as should be expected, we aren't handing visitor data in the form of analytics or other tracking off to third parties or advertisers, we are keeping user data secure and in the UK.

The site makes it easier for us to reach out and for people to get in touch - something I identified as an issue when I came into post and that we have been working to fix ever since.  

What we have achieved has been made possible because of Open Source projects like Drupal and Debian and the dedication of our members and volunteers.   Its important that everything we have built or added to will be available to anyone to go away and make use of for their own projects.  

I'd want to thank everyone who was involved, especially Steve Wilson who had given so much of his time in supporting me and my team over the last months.


Friday, 28 March, 2014 - 09:30
Andy Halsall

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