Pirate Party Opens Manchester Office

The Pirate Party has opened a new national office at Islington Mill, Salford. This will be centre for administration, campaigning and a hub for election planning in to 2015's General Election and beyond.

Islington Mill is a leading independent UK arts organisation based in Salford, in the North West of England. The mill houses a network of independent artists and small innovative businesses. Drawing on the radical and subversive creative energy running through its arts activities, Islington Mill also has a reputation for putting on  legendary experimental gatherings, events and parties. 

Based in the evocative buildings and  courtyard of a former Victorian mill, Islington Mill is a unique and inspiring environment- and is now the venue for Pirate politics too.

Pirate Party Leader Loz Kaye said:

"We're really excited about the move to Islington Mill. Opening up the office allows us to take the Pirate Party to the next level. It will give us the capacity we need for the General election in 2015. 
While there's so much talk of regional devolution right now, being based in Salford shows that we know there is more to politics than the narrow world of Westminster."

"By moving in to Islington mill we're showing the Pirate Party's commitment to the creative sector and to small businesses. We're investing in a great community. This place is what creativity is about- not the corporate world of copyright lobbyists."

Islington Mill's Verity Gardner said:

"We are thrilled to have the Pirate Party under our roof; with freedom of expression, open and transparent creative exchange at the heart of our ethos. The idea that the public is now constantly under surveillance is an significant issue, one that needs raising and one that is neglected or misunderstood by most. We support their principle campaign for sharing knowledge and equality in society. "

Thursday, 25 September, 2014 - 18:00
Loz Kaye
0161 987 7880

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