Pirate Party to run on crowd-sourced manifesto

The Pirate Party is to run on UK politics' first truly crowd-sourced manifesto. The Pirate Party stands for bringing democracy closer to people and making a politics which works with them.

The General Election fighting manifesto for candidates is here.

The full policy set is available at: https://pirateparty.org.uk/Policy

Key points are:

  • No warrantless blanket surveillance
  • No return of the "Snoopers' Charter"
  • Broadband for all
  • Expanding freedom of information
  • Reversing NHS privatisation
  • Scrapping prescription charges in England
  • Abolishing drug patents
  • Scrapping university tuition fees
  • Opposing TTIP
  • Nationalise BT Openreach
  • Merging Income Tax and National Insurance
  • Increasing research funding for renewable energy
  • Require green or solar roofing for new commercial builds
  • Commit £20/head for cycling infrastructure
  • Scrap the "Bedroom tax"
  • Eliminate the "help to buy" scheme
  • Regulation of letting agents
  • Repealing anti-civil liberties laws
  • Protecting the Human Rights Act
  • Reversing legal aid cuts
  • Ending secret courts

Pirate Party Leader Loz Kaye said:

"Like so many people, we are fed up with mainstream politics. 

It's not just what politics is that is so badly broken in our country, it's how it is done. We want to give power back to citizens. That's what this document is about, and the process by which we reached it. 

I'm proud we're running on UK politics' first truly crowd-sourced manifesto. It's based on ideas that come from people like you, not cooked up behind closed doors with “focus groups”. 

We've made this manifesto to distil the ideas that we are passionate about and that we want to see on the agenda for 2015 and beyond - digital rights, education, personal freedoms, protecting the NHS, a tax system that is fair and simple, work that pays, a justice system that is truly just, rebuilding trust in our democracy. 

Politics is changing in the UK. But it will need all of us, politicians, activists, voters and citizens to be bolder to get the change we really need. 

If you like these ideas, then vote for them. It should be that simple. Don't let anyone scare you out of your democratic choice."

Additional policy documents from candidates are available via the Manchester Branch site and from the Pirate Party in Sheffield

Monday, 20 April, 2015 - 11:30
Loz Kaye
0161 987 7880

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