Pirate Party UK announces appointments to the NEC, and Board of Governors

Pirate Party UK is proud to announce the results of elections to its National Executive Committee held during June of 2015.

Cris Chesha has been elected as Party Leader to replace Loz Kaye, who formally stepped down after the 2015 UK General Election. Chesha stood in Manchester Gorton during the 2015 General Election and has gained a dedicated base of support in the party for his left-field campaigning style, and his fierce and uncompromising stance on core party issues such as government surveillance, digital liberty and radical democratic reform.

Other new faces on the NEC are David Elston as Deputy Leader and Rebecca Rae as Campaigns Officer, alongside incumbent NEC officers George Walkden and Sam Clark.

At the same time, a full Board of Governors election took place, electing several new governors in the form of Adrian Farrel, Trevor Johnson, Alix Martin, Andrew McCallum, Michael Moriarty and Liam Soutar. Governors Jack Allnutt, Harley Faggetter, Andrew Norton, Stephen Ogden, Andrew Robinson, and Will Tovey were re-elected.

Cris Chesha said:

"I'm extremely proud to have the unique opportunity to be the face of a political party that represents everything I believe in. I've campaigned for personal liberty, and against blanket mass surveillance and governmental hypocrisy in various forms, for most of my adult life; as a vocal free software, free communications and free Internet advocate, I am strongly aligned with 'traditional' Pirate values, but I also have a strong drive to progress the kind of forward-thinking politics that Pirates bring to the table.

I hope to build on the great work done by Loz Kaye and the rest of the retiring NEC members, and take the UK party into a new era; I feel there is a huge amount of scope to grow the movement here. I hope to build the party into a strong political platform, with a wide and diverse base of activists, and a representative set of policies.

Pirate Party UK should aim to emulate the successes of Pirates in countries like Germany and Iceland; we are well placed to motivate and inspire a new generation of political involvement. We should do all we can to grow the Pirate movement in the UK and enfranchise the huge number of people here who have been let down, and left feeling disconnected from mainstream politics.

The UK - home of GCHQ, FPTP, and undemocratic austerity measures - is one of the countries that needs Pirates' unique brand of politics the most."

Tuesday, 7 July, 2015 - 13:30
Cris Chesha
0161 987 7880

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