President Obama commutes Manning's sentence after dealing blow to privacy

As one of the final acts of his final term as Commander-in-Chief, President Obama announced today that he would be commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence, bringing forward her release following a 35-year sentence from 2045 to May 17th this year, as well as organising for the responsibility of her incarceration to no longer sit under the purview of the Department of Defence. Whilst incarcerated by the department, Chelsea has been prevented from seeing any surgeons to discuss sexual reassignment, and is still held to male military standards.

Pirate Party Spokesperson for International Relations Matt Johnson, said:

"This is fantastic news and follows our values that society is built upon the sharing of knowledge. It is a long-standing principle of the Pirate Party that Whistleblowers should be supported, not imprisoned and we are delighted that President Obama has taken this momentous step to advance this principle. Actions like this certainly wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the many campaigners fighting on a daily basis in support of Chelsea.

"If President Obama wanted to follow through on this new found support for whistleblowers then he would be looking to also grant Edward Snowden a pardon as one of his last Presidential acts.

"Sadly it's not all good news. In almost the same breath, Obama has struck a real blow to privacy where now up to 15 different intelligence agencies can have access to our data.

"While we welcome and understand the positive effect Obama's decision has on Chelsea's life, privacy and civil liberties for all have reduced."


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Tuesday, 17 January, 2017 - 22:15
Matt Johnson

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