Time to review our relationship with the USA

This year we have seen a revolution in Iceland with Pirates taking a sudden 10 seats, up from three. An amazingly successful campaign, based on openness, transparency and restoring the power back to the people.

However in the USA we have seen a very different kind of revolution, where voters were forced to choose the candidate they considered the "least worst".

With the next POTUS selected we should seriously consider our relationship with the USA. Sharing data and extradition orders have been a deep concern to the Pirate Party UK since our founding and seemingly nothing reassuring has been said in regard to these issues throughout the election campaign.

Pirate Party Spokesperson David A Elston said:

"It can be easy to look down on the American people for voting differently to how one would have wanted but we are not so different. Many in the UK voted for parties like UKIP out of a sheer rejection of establishment and career politicians. At home we have seen UKIP surge in MEP and Welsh Assembly elections, also narrowly missing Farage becoming an MP and while many voted for Brexit on legitimate terms, it would be fair to say others felt they were simply voting against the status quo, instead of voting _for_ a good alternative.

"Over the coming months we will continue to hear dissatisfaction at the result from Democrats but their loss was self-inflicted. While I was disinterested in both Bernie and Hillary, Bernie had a higher chance of becoming the next Democratic president - yet the administration went with Hillary Clinton, a recycled candidate who lost an earlier DNC nomination, instead of choosing the candidate that had a strong movement behind him.

"I won't claim to have known this result was going to happen. I am simply not surprised that it has. The toxic climate that career politicians create and the broken two-party system, provides an ultimatum of picking between two bad choices.

"As it has been said before, in order for politics to change, we need activists who are in favour of electoral reform. Their current paradigm means it is essentially impossible for an alternative voice to be heard, a problem we are somewhat familiar with in the UK too.

"It's time to vote for, not against."

Wednesday, 9 November, 2016 - 15:15
David A Elston

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