What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is an inwards facing office within the Party, whose main jobs are communicating with the Party's membership, organising content such as blog posts and mail-outs, acting as a main point of contact for a variety of different areas to do with welfare and internal organisation of the Party (member co-ordination) and acting as the Party's Data Controller.

This office works closely with all areas of the elected NEC and aims to cultivate the relationship between the membership and the officers we elect. The Secretariat is also responsible for the authoring and publishing of any minutes from the NEC's meetings.

What, and who, is the Party Secretary?

The Party Secretary is an elected official who is a member of the Party National Executive Committiee and who oversees the work done by the Secretariat. The department e-mail address is [email protected].  As per Party constitution, the Party Secretary may appoint a Deputy Party Secretary, who is an unelected member of the NEC and therefore does not have NEC voting privileges.

Office Processes

The Secretariat oversee many areas, one being policy, the others are available for viewing here:

Party Organisation
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Discord/Forum Moderation
Data Protection and our ICO registration


Policy Co-ordinator