Terms of Service

Most Terms of Service are designed to restrict your rights and take them away by burying them in thousands of words of legal jargon. Instead, we have tried to keep it simple and lay out the terms in as simple a way as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the party's Data Controller at [email protected].

By accessing our services, you agree to be bound by the following terms, and we agree to adhere by them.

What these terms cover

We already have a Privacy Policy which details how we store and use any information you give us on accessing our web services; these terms of service outline your rights to anything you post to our websites, including comments, images and blog posts and anything else you submit for us to display (which we'll refer to as "posts" from now on).

Content you post

You agree that any posts you make are provided under the same license as we use for the rest of our content, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC by-nc-sa) license. This means that anyone can use any of the content on our site, whilst still keeping some rights over what you post:

  • Anyone using your posts must give appropriate credit, indicate if any changes were made and may not suggest that the usage is an endorsement by you.

  • Your posts may not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Anything which uses your posts in any way must also be released under CC by-nc-sa.

We may want to promote your posts on our website, and if we do so it will be done under the above terms.

Due to the CC licensing of all content, we may make use of anything posted according to the above terms. This includes, but is not limited to, digital and/or printed campaigns material. If we make use of any part of your posts, we will endeavour to contact you to ask your permission and will always give attribution.

While Pirate Party UK value a legally protected right to free speech, that doesn't mean the copmment section is a free-for-all or a safe haven for trolls. This is a political party website and as such we ask that guests remain civil, courteous and constructive. Pages are loosely moderated and persistently disruptive guests may be issued a warning.
If the warning is ignored, persistently disruptive guests may be either "sinbinned" (which will limit the areas they can post in), or users may find themselves banned from the website altogether - by either username, IP address or both.

We do not take bans lightly and any website ban for disruptive behaviour must be agreed on by at least three designated moderators in advance. In keeping with our aim of transparency,  forum bans will be recorded openly, including the usernames of the moderators who have agreed the ban, and evidence of the behaviour that has brought about the ban.

In exceptional circumstances an immediate ban may be issued via a majority vote from  either the Board of Governors or the NEC. Bans or sinbins may be appealed via the NEC.

This website is hosted in the UK, so UK law applies. Content that is illegal in the UK will be removed and the poster may receive an  immediate ban, with no warning.


We do our best to prevent spam posts, we do this by having a manual review of any posts made when you are not logged in. Our users may also flag any content to be looked at by our administrative staff.

We will not censor posts based on ideas expressed, however if you post content that we cannot distinguish from spam (e.g. it doesn't make sense, contains many external links, seems completely irrelevant, includes/redirects to pornography or illegal content, etc.) we will probably delete it.

You are wholly responsible for anything posted from your account, and repeatedly posting content we cannot distinguish from spam or behaving in a way which otherwise interferes with the running of our services may cause us to block your access either by banning your account or by any other technical means we can. We will make every effort to notify you if any of this happens.

As you are responsible for it, please don't let other people post from your account and please keep your login details safe.

You agree that we are not responsible for anything which comes out of changes we or others make to the website, including the removal of service for any reason. We do and will offer support for people who use our services, but we are not required to do so. As with all things on the Internet, using our services is done entirely at your own risk, although we will do our best to minimise this.

Information we ask for

When we ask for your information, we will always handle it according to our Privacy Policy.


This document may be subject to change, so please do check it often - however if there are any substantial changes we will email everyone with a website account to inform them, unless they have specifically opted out of such emails.