Politics, Pressure and Big Business: Why “People From the Internet” Matter

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We've seen time and again how pressure groups with online origins can make a difference. Most of the time, however, their effect is limited until people choose to come out from behind their screens and take a stand in public, away from their keyboards, and for a lot of us “people from the internet”, that's a big ask. Whether it's lack of time or social anxiety that keeps your activism glued to your monitor, for many of us, taking a stand in the “real world” is impractical for a whole host of reasons. Recently, though, the internet has spoken – and another part of the internet has listened.

Not only has online activism worked, but effectively, thousands of people won an argument on the internet.

I'm talking, of course, about Mozilla's turnaround on now ex-CEO Brendan Eich, whose substantial personal donation to Prop 8 – the since-overturned California legislation that banned gay marriage in the state – angered many. Despite the company's supposed support of equal rights for all, many felt that Eich's promotion to CEO gave an inaccurate view of Mozilla's politics, including its employees, many of which took to Twitter to express their disapproval.

York: Speaking for the Pirate Party UK

On Tuesday the 12th of March 2013 I spoke to a group of students at York university to give them an introduction to the party.  I was greeted by the leader of the New Generation society and was given a brief tour around the campus and shown where I would be giving my talk to the group.I was pleasantly surprised with the setting for the talk. Having not been to university myself I was expecting a big hall type of thing, but instead I was welcomed into an intimate little room with tables and chairs, a little like what I remember from high school.

My discussion with the leader of the society helped a little with my nerves, she was able to help me decide on which approach I should take and helped me to put up some posters that I had earlier received from the party.    

Acting on ACTA - What We Can Do

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Earlier today, Loz Kaye, leader of the Pirate Party, published a statement highlighting a major threat to the Internet, to civil liberties, and our political and legal systems; ACTA. Following this, the Party has received many requests asking what we, ordinary citizens, can do about this and the best way to stop it.