Ancoats & Clayton

Initial Election Result - Loz Kaye in Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council

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The following are the results of the May 2014 local council elections for Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council where Loz Kaye was standing for Pirate Party UK.

Candidates: Votes %
Atkins, Conservative 230 6.7%
Davidson, TUSC 30 0.9%
Dobson, Liberal  383 11.2%
Hansford,  Green   315 9.2%
Kaye, Pirate  129 3.8%
Loftus, UKIP 538 15.7%
Lovell, Lib Dem  110 3.2%
Ludford, Labour 1700 49.5%
Total 3435 100%

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