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Nominations have now closed for Board and Treasurer

The nomination period previously opened for party positions have now closed.

PPUK Board and Treasurer

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Nominations are now open for a number of PPUK positions

We are happy to announce that according to the constitution adopted in March, and at the request of the Board, nominations for a number of internal positions within the party are now open, for the next 14 days until 19:30 hours on Monday 25th April.

The elections will be held as soon as reasonably practical following the close of nominations, and will be organised by the NEC with oversight by Phil Cooke (tempest3k) and Stephen Ogden (azrael), who have been appointed by the Board to act as election monitors.


Results of voting on constitutional amendments

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Two weeks ago saw not only our first conference, but also the opening of voting on 36 questions to make 69 amendments to our constitution. Voting closed yesterday and the results are now available.

All amendments were passed and the Board would like to thank all members who participated in this process by commenting and/or voting on amendments.

The Board have already highlited several amendments which still need work, but hopefully the volume of changes will never be quite so large as this time around.

The new constitution causes a variety of immediate consequences, especially related to those holding both a Governor position and an NEC position. With the new amendments coming into force Board dispensation is required to hold such dual positions. As Peter Brett has signalled the potential for steping down soon from the NEC the Board would like to extend such dispensation to allow him to step down after May elections without forfeiting his Governor position. As Loz intends to remain leader, no such dispensation is being extended to him and as such he is choosing to surrender his Governor position.

Leadership Election Update

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There have been concerns over the pace and execution of the leadership election. In a bid to resolve this, The Executive has been in discussions with The Board. The Board have made proposals which the NEC have accepted.

Whilst the nominations period will continue to close on 3rd September as originally planned, voting will now not begin until the 11th September, concluding on the 25th. In this added period of time we hope to host leadership debates, and give members more of a chance to put questions to the candidates.

Message from the Board of Governors

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As the newly elected Board of Governors we wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude for the trust that has been placed with us by you the members. You will hopefully be aware that the constitution is very vague as to the function and operation of the Board. Accordingly there is a lot of behind the scenes work that we are now undertaking to address this before moving on to the rest of the constitution. We ask your patience if from the outside it appears as if we have gone quiet and aren’t doing anything. Quite the opposite, we are hard at work and aim to present our proposals for constitutional amendment to you the members as soon as we can, starting with defining how we as the board will function.

2010 Board election results

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The poll for the 2010 Board of Governors has now closed.

Hamish Gibson withdraw before polls opened, leaving 17 candidates for 12 positions.

The successful candidates (in no particular order) are:

Lucas Abedecian (abedecian), Andrew Tindall (andrewtindall), Stephen Ogden (azrael), Will Tovey (duke), Finlay Archibald (finlay_a), Graeme Lambert (glambert), Shaun Dyer (guyincognito), Loz Kaye (lozkaye), Peter Brett (peterbrett), Jack Allnutt (m2ys4u), Will Macdonald (scuzzmonkey), and Mark Wood (scottishduck).


Don't Forget to Vote for The Board

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On Saturday we opened the vote for election of the new Board of Governors. (You should have received an e-mail then informing you of this. If you did not receive this e-mail, please check your spam folder, and also make sure your contact details are correct and up-to-date. )   Hopefully you have taken the opportunity to vote already. However if you have not yet done so, I encourage you to read each candidate's thread and then go here to vote, or click 'Vote' at the top of the page.  

Nominations for The Board of Governors are now closed

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The Board of Governors will be a team of 12 members elected for up to 5 years, who will be responsible for proposing amendments to the party's Constitution and presenting them for ratification by a full vote of members at such times as they feel appropriate.

Following the ending of the month-long nominations period, the 17 candidates for The Board are as follows:


PPUK Governors - proposed election method

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The internal election for the Board of Governors will soon be coming up.

This is a little different to internal elections we have held so far, because there are 12 positions to be filled, and which do not have separate responsibilities until the elected Board choose to assign roles from within those elected. Also, we have already had more candidates nominated than there are positions available, so this will be a contested election and not all hopeful candidates will be successful.

Single transferable vote

Since there are many positions to be filled at once, it's been proposed that we implement some form of single transferable vote for this election. This at once both makes some sense and gives us some challenges, to make this possible.