Work Till You Drop: How Austerity Affects Our Pensions

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You'd think that after decades of active participation in the labour market your just reward would be to be able to sit back and enjoy a leisurely retirement at age sixty or sixty five. Not any more. According to the preliminary findings of former CBI boss John Cridland, people joining the workforce today may find they are obliged to work till their mid-seventies — or later — in order to qualify for their state pension. Why is this happening and how did Mr. Cridland arrive at that conclusion? From April 2028 the state retirement age will be the figure set after the review is published next May.

CETA: TTIP's Little Brother. Why We Need To Fight It

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CETA is the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada. After years of being negotiated in secret, it's in the legal scrubbing phase and is headed for the EU Parliament where it will either be ratified and put into effect, or killed off like ACTA was on July 4th, 2012. That depends on us and how willing we are to overcome campaign fatigue and push back for another Pirate victory. Please note, we'll have to do it again for TTIP.

Pirate Party Policy Process #Policy2015

We are running our policy process for 2015 now!

We've been proud to run on British politics' first crowd sourced manifesto. And of course it's time to update and upgrade.  This process will run until the 21st of March online and offline and will allow the party to make sure our positions are up to date, and up to scratch for the General Election. To get it right, we need your help:


STOP DRIP - No to Mass Surveillance

In one short week, the UK Parliament is set to ram through a new bill on mass surveillance. It is the "Data Retention and Investigatory Powers" Bill, AKA DRIP. Even though the Government says it will change nothing, it will in fact attack our right to a private life and extend mass surveillance further.

  • DRIP will undermine human rights

  • DRIP was a stitch up between the 3 main parties behind closed doors

  • DRIP tightens the grip of mass surveillance 

  • DRIP will extend surveillance powers

  • DRIP will be forced through in less than a week, with no proper scrutiny

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill will allow the state to force Internet and phone companies to store your personal data so it can be accessed at will by a large number of public bodies.

The Home Office has claimed it's a matter of "life and death". Is you ringing your partner or family telling them you forgot to pick up the milk a matter of life and death? Under DRIP it is, and you need to be recorded.

European Elections 2014 - 2 days to go!

The European Parliamentary elections, as well as local elections in Lambeth and Manchester, are only two days away! And we need your help to get the most out of these last days as possible!

For this election we've put more leaflets through letterboxes, shared more images and posters, and talked about more policy via social media than in any election, or cluster of elections before. More people know us, like us, and will be able to vote for us!

We have had huge numbers of people call and email us, asking us about our core issues as well as our positions, and the issues that they believe in. Even better are the messages from people who contacted us to tell us they will be voting Pirate, or simply offered encouragement. (keep doing that, it keeps morale high!).

Not only are people telling us they will be voting for us, but they are joining the party and getting involved. More than 160 people have donated almost £4,000 via our crowd-funding project. We've seen a surge in new members and volunteers over the last weeks, a surge that will mean the party is in even better shape after the elections.

European Elections - 'Know us, Like us, Vote for us' The last week.

Wednesday, 14 May, 2014 - 10:30

The Pirate Party UK has been focussing heavily on ramping up its campaigning for the last 8 days running up to the European election. Since the beginning of the campaign, the party and its candidates have been working hard to get their message across to voters in the North West.

Campaigns Officer Andy Halsall said:


Hi, I'm Gefion! I'm a Pirate living in Oxford and looking forward to getting involved with the Pirate Party in the UK.  I've been a member of the UK party since 2011, but haven't really had the chance to properly get involved yet (although I'm representing the Party for the International team in Paris this week!).  That's because I've been busy helping the Pirate cause in Germany.  I've been very involved with the PiratenPartei and am currently a member of the national board.  I'm looking for a change.

My term on the German Pirate Party board expires in June, and I feel that I've done all I can in Germany for now.  So its time for a new challenge that lets me make the most of my skills and lets me do the things I'm interested in.

For the last four years I've achieved a lot with the PiratenPartei. I've built their news service, run their press team, been involved with their election campaigns and helped with the organisation. Along the way, I've also done some work for the PPI, and created the international pirate news portal "Pirate Times". Its been hard, but I've learned a lot. Sometimes how things should be done, sometimes how they shouldn't! I'm hoping to bring some of that experience and my skills, as well as a pair of fresh eyes and an extra pair of hands to the Pirate Party in the UK.

Pirate Party Launches New Web Platform

Friday, 28 March, 2014 - 09:30

The Pirate Party has launched a new web platform on

The project took just over a year from specification to launch and was built and will be maintained entirely by volunteers. The site itself has been put together using open source software, and runs on Debian servers in the UK.   

The Pirate Party's previous web presence has been retained for archive purposes at