Euro Candidate Vote 2014

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It's the run up  to the Euro Elections in May. For so many of us it was the success of our sister party in Sweden in 2009 in the European Parliament that inspired us - that showed us there is a place for us that were feeling politically homeless. I know that Christian and Amelia have made a big impact in the EP and are respected - even by those that don't really see things our way! I would love to be able to send representatives from Pirate Party UK to Brussels and Strasbourg.

This election will be hard, and no doubt dominated by the negative UKIP agenda. We are offering something really different - a vision for a Britain really engaged internationally, but pushing for the fundamental change that Europe needs on all levels to make it really work. To make it truly democratic and a politics of the people.

The Tories simply can't deliver the reform they promise as they have isolated themselves. They are the "Billy no-mates" of Europe. We can deliver real change, and stand up for the things we care about, digital rights, ending mass surveillance, access to health care, protecting whistleblowers, working towards a citizens' income. 

Branches, Candidates and the Next Steps.

The Party is coming out of a fairly hectic period, we have a new treasurer, a new press officer, many new board members and we have been working hard to deal with the transitions as well as all the correspondence and ideas that have come in from members and non-members alike. So, for the last month or so much of our focus has been internal and it is about time we turned back to the work that actually gets our ideas out to people in the UK.

So, over the next few days we will be going over out what the campaigns team has and will be working on in the next few months.  If you have any suggestions or want to get involved in any way, let us know.