News Round-up

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Two weeks ago we announced how you could get involved in the preparations for May. These processes are still ongoing, and your input is still valued.

Party Vote on AV

From Monday, we intend to open to the members a vote on endorsing AV in the upcoming referendum on changing the voting system in the UK. The vote will run for about a week, with results published shortly thereafter. You will be informed when voting has opened.

For more information about the electoral systems, and the referendum, and to debate the issue, see the thread 'PPUK and the AV Referendum' -

The Countdown To May 2011 Begins

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Today marks exactly 6 months until the devolved and local elections, and the referendum on AV. Between now and then, we as a party must do a lot of work to prepare. Work has already been going on behind the scenes with the Executive Committee and Board of Governors handling the administration and formalities of running the party, but as a democratic party we need your input on several matters.

Updating the Manifesto

Last month we opened up discussions on our current manifesto as the starting point to updating our policies and producing our 2011 Manifesto, which we plan to launch at our Party Conference on 26thFebruary.

Things that should be discussed include considering things that need updating due to events in 2010, such as our policy on ID Cards, or the introduction of the Digital Economy Act. You should also think about what needs to be made clearer, or more detailed.

Message from the Board of Governors

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As the newly elected Board of Governors we wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude for the trust that has been placed with us by you the members. You will hopefully be aware that the constitution is very vague as to the function and operation of the Board. Accordingly there is a lot of behind the scenes work that we are now undertaking to address this before moving on to the rest of the constitution. We ask your patience if from the outside it appears as if we have gone quiet and aren’t doing anything. Quite the opposite, we are hard at work and aim to present our proposals for constitutional amendment to you the members as soon as we can, starting with defining how we as the board will function.