The start of a cycling revolution?

Mark Chapman's picture

Finally, after one of the longest, and certainly the largest, public consultations in TfL history - Boris Johnson today announced that the proposed ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ Cycling Superhighways would go ahead as planned. Both the East-West (from Tower Hill to Paddington) and the North-South (from Elephant to Farringdon) routes will be genuinely kerb segregated dedicated cycling infrastructure – a massive improvement for cyclists on the dangerous patches of irregular blue paint which bear the ‘superhighway’ name at present.

This announcement comes just days after the first cycling death in London of the year on the notorious Blackfriars bridge – which just goes to emphasise how urgently and long overdue provision of proper cycling infrastructure in London is. As a city London is ideal for cycling but we need to put the infrastructure in place to allow it – it shouldn’t be a case of cycling being only for lycra clad messenger bikes and those willing to take large perceived risks in order to travel about.