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Get the frack out of here~

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In my Bridgend constituency we have the lovely sights of Ogmore and Myther Mawr. Much to my regret they have already been highlighted as possible frack areas under the radar. Bore hole tests for shale gas were approved and performed silently. Since my announcement to stand for Bridgend, I have had several very concerned e-mails from our local residents asking me to oppose fracking.




A Secular State

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The Pirate Party UK have just two days ago closed the crowd sourced manifesto for 2015. The policy team are no doubt working through all the submissions ready for the membership to vote on our new manifesto.

One that caught my eye and is of particular interest to this readership was a suggestion titled “Move Towards a Secular State”.

The proposal stated that religion is in steady and sharp decline in the UK's population. There was a discussion following and polls, including a yougov poll showed that religion is now in the minority.

The Investment Evader

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With the recent interest surrounding Tax Evasion, I decided to revisit some of our policies and write a collective piece:

Tax loopholes have seemingly become a habituate of our corporations.

Each time a tax loophole is closed a new one is opened. This is partly due to our wildly overcomplicated tax system with responsibilities spread across varying different departments and even when caught the penalties for evading tax are often negated by the long term gains (aka “Investment Evaders”).

We need to enforce punishment. In Iceland they jailed the bankers that caused the financial crisis =- in the UK they were given a bonus. Does that seem right to you?

Spycops – The Mass Surveillance From Within

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We are constantly monitored, CCTV, speed cameras, red light cameras, phone hacking, wire tapping, e-mail monitoring, text snooping... and yet the Government need to know more about us.

Enter the human manifestation of mass surveillance, the Spycop.

Yesterday I saw the protest outside Cardiff Central Police Station where song, speeches and poems, (one poem involving a goat – well, this is Wales after all) were shared.

The protest was completely peaceful and despite the seriousness of the allegations and deep understanding the damage spycops breed, spirits were high and voices strong.

I was handed a flyer at the gathering that spelt out exactly why everyone was there:

The groups infiltrated were not Al-Quida or IS collaborators but instead peaceful movements. Amongst those monitored were anti-capitalists, anarchists, environmentalists and animal rights activists.

Pirate Party Candidate for Bridgend!... Me!

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Hello Wales and hello Bridgend! My name is David; your newest PPC and together we can put a Pirate in Parliament!

Digital Freedoms

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Recently a piece I wrote featured in the Daily Wales. More call for home governance for Wales is growing each day. This is what I had to say regarding digital freedoms:

Welsh Governance

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Standing for Governor

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Hello everyone

I plan to stand as a Pirate Party Governor.

Here is a little about me and what I believe will be useful to the party...

Even before I was old enough to vote, I have been politically active. I have been a student representative in college and a committee member of a society in University as well as having different team representative roles in the range jobs I've had in my life so far. Being a conduit for the concerns and suggestions of those I represent while anticipating future problems is nothing new to me! I have a feast of varying qualifications, in Computing, Team Leading/Management, Psychology and... well, a bunch of other things but perhaps more importantly I'm now a successful self-employed Landlord, with plenty of free time for the Pirate Party.

Pirate Spokesperson for Wales

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Hello fellow Pirates

I wish to express my intention to stand for the Pirate Party Wales Spokesperson, speaking on behalf of the Pirates based in Wales.

I will most certainly follow up this blog with further information - but if you have any questions, fears, worries, objections or concerns, please get in touch!

(Blessings are also welcome!)

Thank you


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