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Pirate Policies & Local Government

The team at the Pirate Party apply their policies to local government and tell Future Councils their plans for the year ahead.

Friday, 22 January, 2016 - 09:00

On the Fringe: David Elston, Pirate Party UK

On The Fringe spoke to the deputy leader David Elston as they delve into what the Pirates stand for, why authenticity is a new force in campaigning, and what effect Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is having on smaller parties.

Thursday, 10 December, 2015 - 15:15

Green Party Conference - No Lessons Learned for Wales

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Pippa started with giving props, as I suppose all leaders do by saying they had an incredible year in Wales. Most of the successes she talks of are of course true but she doesn't acknowledge any failures, areas of growth or what the Greens in Wales need to do in order to become more electable. There was no mention of needing to find candidates to fill all areas and stop standing paper candidates that ride in on Green Party popularity. Perhaps most concerning, the Greens were the party that lost the most deposits in GE2015 and wasted a drastic amount of money. Rather than taking the Lib Dem's approach of fielding candidates with strong local support and punching through in a swing seat, they just carpet bombed the entire UK.

Consultation for Responsible Recreation

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Welsh Government's consultation "Improving opportunities to access the outdoors for responsible recreation"
Consultation ended: 02/10/2015 
How we respond:
(cc admin@watersofwales.org.uk)
The Pirate Party UK and the Pirate Party of Wales (Plaid Môr-leidr Cymru) welcomes this consultation and the opportunity it provides for the people of Wales to influence the Government's thinking on these matters.

Buying Rights to Profit from Wrongs

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The media has been publically shaming Martin Shkreli, a Big Pharma (Turing Pharmaceuticals.) CEO who hyped the HIV drug price by 5455% (from $13.50 to $750 per tablet) and is reported to have hyped a cystinura drug by almost 2000%. This is a perfect example of why Piracy, or sharing should not be considered a crime and why our clear policy on the NHS handling drug research is again shown to be a viable option to prevent drug prices from harming patients.


Image Source: http://www.techtimes.com/

The Pirate Party policy aims to abolish drug patents for three reasons:

Pirate Party UK celebrates sixth birthday, reminiscesKitguru -

“Throughout the whole time, Pirate Party UK have stood strong and fought for what is right. We’ve stood candidates in Local, General, Scottish and EU elections, and brought our message to millions of UK voters,” he said.

This was backed up by David Elston, PPUK’s deputy leader, who pointed out that just a few years ago talking about mass surveillance and government oversight was seen as a taboo topic that no one was particularly interested in. In contrast, today it’s a hot one that has engaged many people.

Thursday, 30 July, 2015 - 11:00

#WeArrSix (But don't sing the song!)

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If six years ago today the Party was born. If you had approached me and said “In six years, you will be the Deputy Leader of a political party, after running in the GE2015” I would have said “...then in six years I must have gone crazy!”.

Turns out I'm not crazy... but I am a Pirate.

Since 2009 we've seen Pirates elected all over the globe, most notiably in Sweden, Germany and Iceland. In the UK we've seen Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowdon be persued for exposing the truth of what Governments around the world are doing in secret. Net Neutrality has been attacked and our own party and leadership threatened when we created proxies to try and keep the net neutral. It's been a hard six year battle for Pirates everywhere.

Now we are seeing the Freedom of Information laws being reviewed. The Government has not learnt its lesson on keeping the public in the dark and wants to increase its secrecy. Not forgetting David Cameron now wants to censor our internet with “objectionable content” filters.

Labour and Greens both wrong on Rent

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So we heard on the 1st that Labour's new shadow chancellor, Chris Leslie is against rent controls and he's a Landlord.

Mr Leslie said the party's policy of limiting the speed of rent increases for tenants had upset people seeking to profit from housing by implying that fast rises were exploitative.

Well isn't that exactly because they are generally exploitative? Too many tenants have been lured into a seemingly reasonable 6 month tenancy agreement only to have their rent increased substantially shortly after the 6 months or they face eviction. It's almost always the easier option for the tenant to simply agree to the rent increase. There are of course, the first-timer Landlords who will rent a property out for substantially lower than market value and who, given 6 months of research may wish to increase that rent to the “proper” level but this should still be done so gradually, through the regulation of rent controls.

Yet in the Pirate Party there is a very different tune. Deputy Leader, David Elston and the Spokesperson for Wales is a Landlord but is instead a strong advocate for rent controls.

Mainsplaining - Green Party's Gendered Insults

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At a time of introspection, with new Leadership, Board and a whole variety of new faces mixing with the old, it's natural for a party to question if we are representing and speaking to all demographics.

When speaking to people, the Greens are usually thought of as the party for equality, especially around women's rights and social justice but it's not something I really ever agreed that they represented. In fact, I find them just as bad an extreme as UKIP when it comes to the equality balance, but in the other direction.

I have always found that the Greens are interested in focusing on specific groups as victims, rather than trying to achieve any real sense of equality and often veto justice or evidence and instead do what they morally feel is right.

A prime example; this image, which emerged after the Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett attended the Glastonbury festival.

You need a new political party

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While the fury over the Conservative Government winning the election drives on; the disillusionment in politics will be ripe but thankfully we're seeing the opposite of that in the Pirate Party.

So many people are coming forward to make the Pirate Party stronger and with an even wider range of skills. What encourages me more than anything is that each of these new voices start by offering us something new. No one is clutching for power or to get their personal agenda in. So many are hearing the call to action and want to help make us a strong opposition to those out of date parties sat in Westminster.

With this in mind, I'd like to say a big welcome to all our new Pirates.

Not all parties are enjoying this success and we need to keep encouraging others to join us. So many good people thought the Liberal Democrats were the party for youth, for protecting students and for personal freedoms yet were monumentally betrayed when they finally got into Government. I say to these people, you need a new party.


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