Protect the UK from warfare against computer systems 

The UK's computing infrastructure is potentially vulnerable to backdoor attacks, both by hostile states and possibly by non-state actors such as terrorist groups. We would argue that the threat is both large and increasing, and hard to counter.

To ensure that the UK is as ready to deal with any concerted attacks on its infrastructure and information systems it is critical that there is funding for research into the threats we face and how to counter them.

Review and streamline military procurement

We will refocus defence procurement on the UK or joint UK-allied projects. It is vitally important that costs are kept down and that delivery of weapons systems, vehicles, communications systems and other military procurement is both timely and that the delivered product is appropriate to the defined need. We will ensure that our troops have what they need when they need it.

Logistical capabilities to meet our obligations

The United Kingdom must ensure that its defence logistical capabilities are sufficient to meet the obligations that we have or may be required to undertake. Ensuring that the UK has sufficient independent air and sea-lift capacity is vital. It is important that we are able to operate independently of our allies if necessary

Leader Update: Military Strikes in Syria

Loz Kaye's picture

The last few weeks has seen a deluge of news for our kind of politics - more mass surveillance revelations, the smashing of Guardian laptops, and not least the Manning sentencing. I couldn't help reflecting that Manning has been locked up longer than I have been Leader of the UK Pirate Party.

That Manning could get decades in prison for wanting to speak out, to blow the whistle, shows we are not ready to face the consequences of what we have done in the Middle East.

That is why I am so concerned by the threat of new military involvement, now in Syria. I know we value discussion, weighing evidence, and debate. But also the public expect us to be clear when we are faced with major decisions as a country. That's why I think we must be clear in saying no to unilateral military action.