Election Results

Anticipating the EU results tonight

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While we are waiting for results (which could take some time) it is a good opportunity to summarise where we have been standing for election and what the chances are.

The polls opened in the UK at 7am on Thursday, closing at 10pm the same day. Elections actually took place for both the European Parliament accross the whole country as well as for local council elections in many part of the country.

The local elections are very interesting! Not every local council holds local elections at the same time, and even when they do they don't hold them in exactly the same way.

Thursday was a good example as we saw Loz Kaye standing for local election in Ancoats & Clayton, a ward which elects three local councillors, but only one at a time - this is called electing by thirds (as opposed to full). One advantage of this is that elections take place more often, which gives PPUK far more opportunities to stand, practice election-craft, and give voters many more opportunities to learn about what we stand for.

Initial Election Result - Loz Kaye in Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council

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The following are the results of the May 2014 local council elections for Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council where Loz Kaye was standing for Pirate Party UK.

Candidates: Votes %
Atkins, Conservative 230 6.7%
Davidson, TUSC 30 0.9%
Dobson, Liberal  383 11.2%
Hansford,  Green   315 9.2%
Kaye, Pirate  129 3.8%
Loftus, UKIP 538 15.7%
Lovell, Lib Dem  110 3.2%
Ludford, Labour 1700 49.5%
Total 3435 100%

Pirate Party Celebrates Election Result

Friday, 7 May, 2010 - 20:30

The Pirate Party UK has been relatively successful in contesting its first election since being founded 10 months ago. The nine Pirate candidates achieved up to a 0.6% share of the vote in their respective constituencies. Tim Dobson, campaigning in Manchester Gorton, had the best result, receiving 236 votes. If the party were able to stand in every constituency, the result would have scaled up to nearly 100,000 votes for the Pirate Party.