Electoral Reform

Pirate Party Disappointed with AV Referendum Results

Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 20:00

The Pirate Party UK is disappointed with the result of the referendum on the adoption of the Alternative Vote.

Loz Kaye, Party Leader, spoke of his personal dissatisfaction with the result.

"This result sets the Electoral Reform Movement back significantly. AV was to be a step towards a better system, but now we will be stuck with the awful system that is FPTP."

The future of electoral reform in the UK

Loz Kaye's picture

On behalf of the Pirate Party, I would like to thank the voters that turned out to cast their ballots in the national referendum on whether to change the electoral system to the Alternative Vote. The outcome is not what The UK Pirate Party or I had hoped for, even if it is what we had come to expect over recent weeks.

Our failure, both as a party and as individual campaigners, was to not properly inform voters of the choice in front of them, or indeed why it mattered at all. The same criticism applies equally to the No campaign.  On 5th May I was still explaining to people on the doorstep that they were going to be asked to vote in a referendum in addition to casting their council ballots. It is a sad day when, after months of campaigning on an issue as vital as electoral reform, voters were still unprepared to answer a simple yes/no question at the ballot box.