Second Class English

UK overseas charity workers no longer qualify for free National Health Service (NHS) in England but do in Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland! Us English are second Class Citizens in the UK! The Queen may well award you an MBE etc. but you would end up selling it to pay medical bills. English charity workers worldwide are doing great work often paid very little. How many English citizens will now be forced to return home or not volunteer in the first place? 

When Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales have legislative bodies that vote on domestic policies, England does not. How come we allow MPs from the other nations to vote on English only issues? From tuition fees to the NHS the English subsidise the rest. Devolved power has dis-empowered the English. Our political system is broken & I see none of the main parties wanting to fix it with anything more than a band aid. If you live in England you will probably end up paying for the band aid & then paying again for it again for Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales!