European Election 2014

Thanks For The Support

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For the big parties it seems that their donors are all too often controversial or something they would rather not draw attention to. Well here at Pirate Party UK we are “powered by” small donations from the grassroots. We're proud to say thanks to the people who donated to our European election campaign . As we pointed out, even just standing in one region costs £5k. Which probably should answer those of you who who wanted to know why we weren't running in more regions, much as we would have loved to. You'll just have to shell out the Bitcoins again, and that's why we send out the fundraising tweets … !

There's a thing which pops up on social media every now and again about how politicians should be made to wear clothes with the party sponsors on. I'd be happy to wear a jacket with these names on. A craft project for someone?

Pirates in Europe - EU2014

Monday, 26 May, 2014 - 04:15

Fifteen Pirate Parties across Europe contested seats in the 2014 European Elections, including the UK. Two Pirate MEPs were elected in 2009.

Julia Reda has been elected to the European Parliament, representing the German Pirate Party. Julia received more than 400,000 votes, achieving 1.44% of the vote. More people were able to vote Pirate and more chose to do so in the UK than ever before. The party contested seats in the North West of England and received 8,597 votes, 0.5% of the ballots cast.