File sharing

The Government moves the consultation goalposts

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The Pirate Party UK has been encouraging people to respond to the Government's consultation on P2P filesharing, which threatens Britain's 7 million file sharers with a range of draconian penalties.

Today, the Government has moved the goalposts for the consultation. They have finally admitted that, as we suspected, their plans do include cutting off internet access for whole families if one member of that family shares files, in stark contrast to Gordon Brown's recently stated aim of "universal connectivity to broadband".

New government proposals on filesharing

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This morning the government intend to unveil new proposals on filesharing. The proposals are widely expected to include an effective declaration of war on 7 million filesharers and on the civil liberties of all Britain's internet users.

I've discussed this on my personal blog; the Pirate Party will comment on this further as the details come in.

The Price of Justice

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The government tell us that 7 million people in this country share files. It's hard to find any precise data on how many individual files each one of those people are sharing, but 100 seems like a fairly conservative guess.

In the Digital Britain report, the government also tell us that they want to reduce file sharing by 70% within a year. Leaving aside the obvious question of why they don't commit to a 100% target if they really think that file sharers are doing something morally wrong, let's look at what would be involved in reaching their target.