Introducing our new Community site!

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Community LogoAs part of our ongoing work to totally revamp our websites, I'm pleased to announce the launch of!

You can use it to grill candidates asking for your vote, discuss policy, swap resources and information, and to start to get involved in branches.

We hope that this can become a hub for our members and supporters to interact with each other and so build a true online Pirate Community from the base up.

I welcome any feedback you may have on it; you can either leave your feedback directly on there, in the comments below or you can drop me an email at [email protected]

The changes to the forum, a clarification of earlier.

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As our member numbers have grown over the last week or so the party has reached the point where we can provide the benefits of membership we promised. Previously policy discussion was publicly available to comment on but now detailed policy discussion will be restricted to the members of the party. Members can now take their role in help shape the party as we go forward.

Non-members aren't going to be left out of the loop, you're the people we're trying to convince to vote for us! Regular summaries etc will become public as policy is finalised.

Luckily it isn't hard to become a Pirate Party UK member so you can easily join in on the debate.