General Election 2010 -- The Aftermath

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The war may have barely begun, but what's important is that this battle is over, and the Pirate Party has successfully demonstrated that we mean business. We've stood a good set of candidates for election, and proven that people out there are willing to vote for us.

As I'm sure you're all aware, no single party has managed to obtain an absolute majority in Parliament. Past experience suggests that we'll get the chance to do all of this again soon!

There's no time to waste. Once we've all caught up on sleep again, we need to hit both the streets and the Internet, to raise awareness of the party, gather new members and rebuild our campaigning funds.

Everything starts somewhere

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After a lot of hard work on all sides, we've just fought our first election as the UK pirate party.

Across 9 seats, by my calculations we polled 0.34%, for a total of 1340 votes. Our best result was in Manchester Gorton, where our candidate Tim Dobson polled 236 votes for 0.62% of the vote.

Before this election, we didn't know what level of support we could expect. Nor did we know how to organise ourselves, or how to navigate the election requirements and comply with the law. So this has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved, and where we've had false starts and had to begin again, and then found a fresh way forward.

It's Time to Vote Pirate!

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Dear Pirates,


General Election 2010 -- Out on the Falling Tide

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It's now just over a week since you last heard from me, and I'm sure you'll all wondering, "What's going on in the world of campaigns?"  You'll be pleased to hear that not only are we making good progress on improving our media relations, but we've also had several people step forward to help out with the various jobs that need doing -- and I'm also going to explain how our campaign's going to be organised.  And don't forget the protest against the Digital Economy Bill next week -- be there and show our colours!

Election Campaign 2010 -- Putting to Sea

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As some of you will already be aware, on the 7th of March the NEC appointed me Deputy Campaigns Officer.  I'm going to be responsible for running the Pirate Party's campaign for the upcoming General Election, working closely with the Campaigns Officer, Philip Hunt, and the rest of the NEC.

I can't tell you exactly what our Grand Strategy is going to be -- I've had less than a day to work on it so far! -- but I will give you an overview of what we're doing at the moment and how you can help.

Candidates 2010

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I've written on the forum a little while ago, outlining the selection process I envisage introducing, partly to help me work that out, and partly to give the chance for member feedback. Now I'm in a position to announce that we will be putting the first potential candidates forward for ratification by the party membership, after which they will be declared as prospective parliamentary candidates for PPUK.

We really need to do that, and it is a big step towards being taken seriously as a political party, when the media see that we will be standing candidates. Therefore we will be asking for a ratification vote from you the party members, as each credible candidate comes forward and establishes that they understand what's involved and are prepared to undertake it, and have identified the seat which they wish to fight on behalf of the Pirate Party.

A call to arms

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 As my first blog here, I wanted to provide an update on where we are now, and also what I've been doing since being elected as nominating officer for the party; it's been a busy time, and as some of you I've been working with will know I've been quietly working "behind-the-scenes" to get some of the organisation we will need for the general election in place.

The time has come now to move that forward in a more determined way, and to call for all Pirate members and sympathisers to get involved with your local regional organisations (and if one doesn't yet exist, to form one). So far we have nascent organisations in the East Midlands, in London, in South East England, and in Wales. We have greater or lesser activity, but no real organisation, in other areas. Now is the time to develop further where we're already active, and to begin in those areas where this hasn't yet happened.  

Finding Candidates and Targets

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About once a week somebody will ask a question about which parliamentary seats the party should fight at the general election. Raising funds is vital to determining how many seats we can fight, but there is every likelihood that we will need to focus our energies on particular seats instead of trying to fight too many and losing a lot of deposits. That makes it absolutely vital that we make the best choice of which seats to fight. However, for a party concerned with information politics, we lack some of the information we would like. We can speculate about where we might get the most votes, but without polling data, it will be a guess. For example, university towns often get cited as likely targets. On the other hand, most PPUK members are too old to be students, and if the membership is representative of our voters we must have plenty of support off campus as well as on.


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