Working Internationally - Lets get it right

As you have already heard from the Nominations team, the party has voted on PPI membership.  The decision and the discussion about the vote has indicated both that we need to engage with PPI and to improve how the PPI works.  The result of the vote is clear, we will remain and ordinary Member of the PPI.

This vote means that for the first time we know we are acting on the basis of what our members want in this area.  We will do that to the best of our abilities.

As I said at the start of this vote - we need to work on cooperation.  Doing this through the PPI isn't the easiest way, but as it turns out, the Pirate movement is one that generally doesn't take the easy option, but aims for the right outcome.   

We now have to get behind the PPI, deal with the bigger issues and help it be the best organisation it can be.

Pirate Party Australia goes official

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Pirate Party Australia is now official: following the confirmation of its constitution and the election off office holders, it's now looking for 500 founder members.   Pirate Party UK wishes every success to our antipodean friends in their fight against the would-be tyrants of the multinational content corporations, who want to destroy the free1 internet and replace it with one where the only right we have is the right to buy their products. Their fight is our fight, and together Pirate Parties worldwide will surely prevail: our cause is just, and history is on our side.   1: that's free as in freedom.

French Pirates get 2.06% in by-election

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 France's Parti Pirate fought its first election on Sunday. This was a by-election to the Natonal Assembly in the 10th district of Yvelines. The Pirate candidate was Maxime Rouquet, a 23 year old student, and he got 2.06% of the vote.

Details here.

Pirate Party set for success in Germany

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There's a general election in Germany in September, and the German Pirate Party, Piratenpartei, looks set for success. According to Spiegel, the conditions are just right for them.