Loz Kaye speech at ACTA protests

Saturday, 9 June, 2012 - 11:15

Protests against the controversial ACTA treaty are planned today, in London and across the UK, as well as across the EU, and as far afield as the US and Japan.

Loz Kaye, Pirate Party UK Leader, will be speaking at the London protests.

An advance copy of his speech follows.

I always seem to be making speeches with dire warnings, and bringing dire news of the latest attempt to break the Internet. So it's nice to bring some good news for once.

ACTA, you are going down.

Looking forward to 2012

Loz Kaye's picture

Happy New Year.

This time is always a period to look back over the year that has gone, and see what it means for the year to come. At times, it seemed like there was almost too much news in 2011. So many certainties seemed to fall away, perhaps the scariest part of the last 12 months, yet also it shows the future can be different. It is that determination and optimism that characterises the Pirate movement for me.

These days, one of the chief problems that any new movement faces is surviving the first flash of excitement. People's attention spans, particularly online, can be short. During 2011 Pirate Party UK has come the other side of that period stronger in my opinion.

Pirate Party Elects New Leader

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At 10am this morning, Sunday 26th September, voting closed in the election for the new party leader after Andrew Robinson, our first leader, declared his intent to stand down.

The election initially had 4 candidates - Peter Brett, Loz Kaye, Graeme Lambert, and Eric Priezkalns, however Erc and Graeme withdrew before the end of the nominations period, meaning voting was between Peter Brett, Loz Kaye, and the Re-Open Nominations option.

Voting Now Open In Leadership Election

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Voting to elect the new leader of the party has begun, and will conclude 26th September 2010 10:00.

The vote will be carried out using the OpenSTV software, and as this is an election for a single specific position which can have only one winner the count will be carried out using the Alternative Vote system. The option to re-open nominations will be counted or eliminated in the same way as the actual candidates.


Board Appoints Election Monitor

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With Nominations now closed, and the leader's debate enjoyed by many, the Board would like to announce the appointment of VJ as election monitor for the upcoming leadership election.
We extend our thanks to VJ for volunteering to undertake this role and charge him with the important task of ensuring that the upcoming elections are transparent and fair.



Leadership Election Update

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There have been concerns over the pace and execution of the leadership election. In a bid to resolve this, The Executive has been in discussions with The Board. The Board have made proposals which the NEC have accepted.

Whilst the nominations period will continue to close on 3rd September as originally planned, voting will now not begin until the 11th September, concluding on the 25th. In this added period of time we hope to host leadership debates, and give members more of a chance to put questions to the candidates.

The Pirate Party UK, One Year On

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Andrew Robinson writes:

Looking back on the last year, we've achieved some amazing things. We've turned a small web forum into a fully functioning political party. We've successfully contested a general election, and we've seen a swing of 0.3% in our favour, despite having an election budget that wouldn't cover a single poster site. Almost as importantly, we've steadily increased our membership numbers, and we've gained a lot of respect from both the media and our political rivals. We've resisted the temptation to shout a lot and wear eye-patches, and instead we've made sensible political arguments, even when this approach might gain us less publicity. We are well placed to put in a good performance in next year's elections, particularly in Scotland, where the proportional system will help us have a bigger impact.


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