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Dear Pirates...

Thanks for your support and choosing me to contribute to our fight for a politics fit for the 21st century.  So, I'm excited to accept the position as Leader of Pirate Party UK. I want to stand for a politics that puts our shared culture before censorship and industry lobbying. I want to stand for a movement that places liberty ahead of fear. 

As I emphasised during the campaign, we have a lot of challenges ahead. Just this week has been a depressing one from our viewpoint. The Gallo report has been adopted by the EU parliament, it would have been good to see PPSE in the Swedish parliament rather than a far-right party, there has been the ridiculous spectacle of Paul Chambers in court once again for a joke on twitter. But we can't waste any time feeling down, politics needs us more than ever. Look at the issues we face:  the implications of the Digital Economy Act, the next round of ACTA, new censorship proposals in the US, body scanners, … you fill in the next attack on our freedoms. 


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