Leaders Update

A Message from the PPUK Leader

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We've been through a period of change here at Pirate Party UK, and I am pleased to say we have a great new team for the challenges ahead. In the National Executive Committee, Gavin Meredith has taken over as Treasurer, and congratulations to our new Campaigns Officer Andy Halsall. We also have a new web team leader in Ed Geraghty. I think we have the right people in place to help us take the party to the next level,  I want to make sure that we make the most of the fresh ideas and new direction this change in personalities will give the party.  It is an opportunity for progress that we must grasp with both hands.

What is Pirate Party politics?

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Election season is underway and some people are hearing about the Pirate Party for the first time. Also voters are being bombarded with leaflets and 70 page manifestos. Here is a quick round up of what we stand for- as most people don't want to wade through a whole huge document.

The Pirate Party is the first genuinely 21st century political movement. It is our aim to set digital policy right at the heart of of British politics where it belongs. Access to broadband should be a right for all, whether in rural or urban communities. We want to see an end to laws that hound individuals, we want to see a country where government is truly open and accountable, and where technology is embraced rather than feared. 

News Round-Up 31/12/10

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Happy New Year, everyone.

It's the end of an interesting year for Pirate Party UK. We've taken part in our first General Election, gathering over 1000 votes; we've elected our first Board of Governors, and our second Party Leader; we've taken part in our first local election; and now we're gearing up for a Parliamentary By-Election in the New Year, and the elections and referendum in May. We appreciate the support you've shown us since our formation in 2009, and we hope you stay with us as we enter this next stage in our journey.

A Message From the New Leader

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Dear Pirates...

Thanks for your support and choosing me to contribute to our fight for a politics fit for the 21st century.  So, I'm excited to accept the position as Leader of Pirate Party UK. I want to stand for a politics that puts our shared culture before censorship and industry lobbying. I want to stand for a movement that places liberty ahead of fear. 

As I emphasised during the campaign, we have a lot of challenges ahead. Just this week has been a depressing one from our viewpoint. The Gallo report has been adopted by the EU parliament, it would have been good to see PPSE in the Swedish parliament rather than a far-right party, there has been the ridiculous spectacle of Paul Chambers in court once again for a joke on twitter. But we can't waste any time feeling down, politics needs us more than ever. Look at the issues we face:  the implications of the Digital Economy Act, the next round of ACTA, new censorship proposals in the US, body scanners, … you fill in the next attack on our freedoms.