Mail out

European Elections 2014 - 2 days to go!

The European Parliamentary elections, as well as local elections in Lambeth and Manchester, are only two days away! And we need your help to get the most out of these last days as possible!

For this election we've put more leaflets through letterboxes, shared more images and posters, and talked about more policy via social media than in any election, or cluster of elections before. More people know us, like us, and will be able to vote for us!

We have had huge numbers of people call and email us, asking us about our core issues as well as our positions, and the issues that they believe in. Even better are the messages from people who contacted us to tell us they will be voting Pirate, or simply offered encouragement. (keep doing that, it keeps morale high!).

Not only are people telling us they will be voting for us, but they are joining the party and getting involved. More than 160 people have donated almost £4,000 via our crowd-funding project. We've seen a surge in new members and volunteers over the last weeks, a surge that will mean the party is in even better shape after the elections.