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Mass Surveillance has failed us yet again




Today in Manchester life seems to be going on as normal - well, as normal as it can be with armed officers and army personnel seen in places such as the Arndale Centre and at public transport hubs. This is a result of the despicable acts committed by the Manchester bomber. 


Nevertheless, we have these heavily armed officers on the streets not just because there are people who want to destroy our way of life, but also because our police service is stretched very thin by cuts to policing numbers, and by the sheer enormity of trying to trawl through masses of data collected from all corners of the UK and overseas. 



The Defiant Little Girl


The Manchester Arena attack on Monday was a shock to all of us. Never do we think these things can happen to us, yet time and time again we see that they do.


I was at home with my wife and son when those dreadful events of Monday evening took place: my son sleeping soundly in his bed, and my wife and I just pottering about the house, when we started to see news of the attack on social media and hear from friends in the area as word of the atrocities began to spread. 


Homelessness rampant in Manchester; does the solution rest with a pirate?

Neil Blackburn, the Pirate Party parliamentary candidate for Manchester Central, has made it clear that he considers the level of homelessness in Manchester to be a central issue in the campaign.

As a stay at home dad, which he describes as the best job anyone could have, Neil has spent a lot of time out and about with his son. He has seen the city at its best, and at its worst: drunken violence, drug abuse and addiction, homelessness, and lately the zombie plague that spice has brought. These issues are obvious to anyone who is truly part of Manchester and views the city as a whole.

"The challenge of homelessness is one we must tackle at the local and national level," says Neil, "and a combination of policies and approaches are needed.

Manchester Campaigning

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Here's an update on Manchester Central campaigning plans. Let us know on [email protected] if you are able to attend.

We'll be leafleting and doing the final push for the election :)

Thursday 30th April  - Beswick and Openshaw

Meet both sessions Asda Sportcity, Ashton New Road, Manchester M11 4BD

3pm - 5pm

6pm- 8pm

Friday 1st May - Ardwick

Meet both sessions Whitworth Art Gallery Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire M15 6ER, United Kingdom

3pm- 5pm

6pm - 8pm

Saturday 2nd May - Ancoats

Monday 4th May - City Centre

Meet both sessions 30 Canal Street, Manchester M1 3EZ

11am- 1pm

2pm - 5pm

Tuesday 5th May - Ardwick Student Halls

Meet  Whitworth Art Gallery Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire M15 6ER, United Kingdom