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Opinion: What you dont see you dont care, but you should

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Mark Ford - Technology Blogger

In the following, references to “software” also means “firmware” or similar.

From heart pumps to self-driving cars, the robots have long arrived. Behind every movable part lays a monster; the infinite possibilities of software. Each application built upon thousands of lines of computer code. Built layer by layer, an ever growing stack of reusable objects. And like a tower of cards or a hairline crack, unchecked problems can quickly lead to complete structural collapse.

Computer hackers understand those building blocks and they seek out those hairline cracks. It may take longer, but even without the blueprints - the source code - the weaknesses may still be found and exploited. The dangers to human life from accidental or malicious intent are well recorded. And history demonstrates, security through obscurity buys little or no time.