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We have been running on our new website for over a month now, and we are seeing a whole lot more interaction between our members on the things which matter to us.

If you haven't yet migrated your account, you need to do so by going to the migrate page or by clicking the "Move Your Account" button on the right hand side of this post (and which appears on every page of the website).New Site

Migrating your account will allow you to make sure that your information is up-to-date, will allow for far more interaction with what we have to offer, and will ensure you can vote in any internal elections.

Another thing our new site offers is all members now have their own blog, which you can make use of if you wish, and which gives each of us a much larger voice in the output we can now offer.

We have now fully transitioned to our new site, and the old infrastructure is no longer active.  If you have still to migrate your account, I urge you to take the five minutes and do so to ensure you can continue using your account with us.

A rational points based immigration system

The demand for certain skills that are in short supply in the UK has made immigration vitally important for both the public and the private sector. Well-managed and well-controlled immigration is important to ensure that the UK remains competitive and innovative. We will therefore ensure that immigration is well managed by ensuring that record keeping related to entry into and departure from the UK is suitable.

EU Migration: Government's Evidence-based Policy Looking More Like Policy-based Evidence

Wednesday, 11 December, 2013 - 00:45

Theresa May decided this week to delay the publication of a report into EU migration, commissioned as part of the Government's Balance of Competences review, because the evidence did not fit her policies.

The Government hoped that the report would back up David Cameron's rhetoric around cracking down on EU migration ahead of the negotiations around the bloc's treaties in 2015 but instead reports show that that the study was broadly positive about the current freedom of movement rules.

Pirate Party UK's Jack Allnutt said: