Pirate Party Germany

Pirate Party Germany Scores Historic Win

Sunday, 18 September, 2011 - 22:30

Tim Dobson- Pirate Party UK Education Spokesperson:

On Sunday I was in Germany watching the Pirate Party movement making history again. The Pirate Party entered the Berlin State Parliament, gaining 14 seats after polling almost 9% of the vote. At the same time the liberal FDP, a junior partner in the ruling coalition, crashed out, with only 1.9%. Pirate Party UK is inspired by the hard work of all the activists that made this result possible and sends its warmest congratulations.

Pirate Party set for success in Germany

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There's a general election in Germany in September, and the German Pirate Party, Piratenpartei, looks set for success. According to Spiegel, the conditions are just right for them.