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Pirate Party Councillor Stands with Standing Rock

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Councillor David A Elston, the first Pirate to hold any seat in any level of government in the UK shows solidarity with the hundreds of primarily young Native Americans protesting against the potential contamination of water from the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

David A Elston, Spokesperson for Wales said:

"We have seen first hand in Wales when national policy overrules what locals are asking for it can cause devastating results. In Wales we remember the deliberate flooding of the Tryweryn Valley and still today in the UK we see places such as Lancashire being opened up to fracking despite the opposition of the local council.

Those in Standing Rock are no different to ourselves. In the simplest of terms, they have a local policy that is being ignored by their national government.

We, too, often forget that environmental issues such as these still have an impact on people and our planet in the long term. We should be looking to new, sustainable technologies and should not rely on fossil fuels; digging up and burning the past, to fuel the present at the cost of our future must stop."

Pirate Party backs Fair Tax Town campaign against corporate tax avoidance

Tuesday, 26 January, 2016 (All day)

The Pirate Party is backing the Fair Tax Town campaign, the latest group showing their discontent for our over-complicated and unfair tax system.

Fair Tax Town highlights this unfairness by helping small local businesses to exploit the loopholes used by global corporations. Their message to HMRC is simple: Shut down these loopholes or we'll all use them. One such loophole is an "intellectual property" loophole, an area Pirates are very familiar with.

David Elston, Pirate Party deputy leader and spokesperson for Wales said:

Welsh Governance

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