PIRATES want a fair and balanced copyright law based on the interests of society as a whole.

Protection of Privacy & Civil Rights

Data Protection and Surveillance

Security in Freedom

The expansion of our civil rights, and protection of our freedom is a primary motivation for PIRATES.

The threat posed by unlawful and excessive surveillance measures, imposed on us by governments both foreign and domestic, whether in response to terrorism or other threats is grave. There is an immediate need for action to redress the balance and restore our privacy.


Disclosure of influence on political decisions

PIRATES call for the disclosure of the influence of interest groups and lobbyists on political decisions to protect the democratic process and to make the basis of decisions transparent.

Whistle-blower Protection Law

PIRATES advocate for general and comprehensive legislation to protect persons who expose issues that are in the public interest, such as cases of corruption, insider trading, or ethics or human rights violations (“whistle-blowers”).

Citizen Participation and Open Government

Democracy Add-On for Europe

PIRATES demand the writing of a new European Union treaty designed to clarify and replace current treaties and address the need for democratic reform within the Union, provided it is accepted by the citizens of the Union through a referendum.

The present EU legislative process is dominated by the executive branch (the European Commission) at the expense of the legislative branch (the European Parliament). PIRATES seek an adjustment to the balance of power in European Institutions to favour the legislative branch.

Protect the UK from warfare against computer systems 

The UK's computing infrastructure is potentially vulnerable to backdoor attacks, both by hostile states and possibly by non-state actors such as terrorist groups. We would argue that the threat is both large and increasing, and hard to counter.

To ensure that the UK is as ready to deal with any concerted attacks on its infrastructure and information systems it is critical that there is funding for research into the threats we face and how to counter them.

Review and streamline military procurement

We will refocus defence procurement on the UK or joint UK-allied projects. It is vitally important that costs are kept down and that delivery of weapons systems, vehicles, communications systems and other military procurement is both timely and that the delivered product is appropriate to the defined need. We will ensure that our troops have what they need when they need it.

Logistical capabilities to meet our obligations

The United Kingdom must ensure that its defence logistical capabilities are sufficient to meet the obligations that we have or may be required to undertake. Ensuring that the UK has sufficient independent air and sea-lift capacity is vital. It is important that we are able to operate independently of our allies if necessary

Artist centred culture policy and funding model

Artists should be the focus of culture sector funding, this is where the research and development of the creative industries happens. Success in increasing and protecting money going to artists, rather than administration or overheads, must be one of the key performance indicators of National Portfolio Organisations.

Remove VAT from e-books

Paper books are free from VAT yet e-books are not. A book should be defined by what it provides not the material that is used to produce it, and any tax on books is a tax on reading. Like paper books, e-books should be zero-rated for VAT as soon as possible. We will remove VAT from e-books.

Allow the use of Commons video footage for satire

We would seek to remove restrictions from broadcasters on satirising footage of Parliamentary proceedings. Comedy can bring politics to a wider audience and we believe that MPs' and peers' actions in such an official forum should not be immune from humourous criticism.