Abolish anti-circumvention restrictions and laws

Under current copyright law it is unlawful to do various things aimed at circumventing effective technological measures that restrict access to copyrighted material, even if doing so is required for lawful use. This includes both civil liabilities and criminal offences. In the event that such a “technological measure” prevents permitted acts (i.e. what could be lawfully done anyway), the only current remedy is to apply to the Secretary of State for a permit.

Revitalise libraries

In the age of the e-book it is important that we continue to find additional roles for libraries within our communities and increase their relevance for everyone. We will trial borrowing from the best elements of the hacker-space, and the maker movement, student unions, and citizen science initiatives such as Café Scientifique to bolster the reach libraries have in their local communities.

Digitise library and museum content

We will encourage and support libraries, museums and other organisations that hold collections of artefacts or materials to digitise their content and make it available online, in open formats, wherever possible. This will both preserve access to culturally important artefacts and increase accessability. We would prioritise the digitisation of especially rare items.

Right to marriage regardless of sexuality

All of the UK's citizens should have an equal right to marriage. The implementation of truly equal marriage must not be further delayed or de-prioritised. Equal marriage must mean exactly that. The law must be changed to give full equality to all couples regardless of gender.

The Mutual Mentoring Project (MMP)

We would like to see trial programmes across the UK in which young people are paired with older people and provided with an opportunity to start a business with state support through the provision of space, legal advice and accountancy, preferably in a startup incubator-like space. This would give both young people the opportunity to start a business and work with people who have long term experience, and would support older people who want to start a business but don't have the up-to-date skills required.

Review laws relating to sex workers

The legalisation and regulation of activities around prostitution, especially brothels, would protect the workers and remove a significant revenue stream from criminals. If properly regulated, it would enable regular health checks to help stop spread of STDs and ensure better working conditions for those involved.

Efficiently process asylum seekers and treat them properly

Quite rightly, the UK is a party to international agreements pertaining to asylum. We have an obligation to provide sanctuary to those individuals who have been forced to flee their homes. We should ensure that those people who come to the UK seeking asylum are treated fairly and are given decisions quickly about their status. Once asylum seekers have been granted asylum they should be given assistance to ensure that their time in the UK is productive and beneficial to them and the UK, including access to employment and education.

End age discrimination in the benefits system 

At present people under 25 receive a lower level of Job Seekers Allowance and people under 35 receive a lower level of housing benefit than older people. Both of these examples of age discrimination should be removed from the benefits system. Everyone who is no longer in full time education and has not yet reached retirement age should be treated equally.

A fairer deal for Interns

We will ensure that the minimum wage applies to interns gaining experience within for-profit companies to limit the impact of abuses of the intern system.

Digital Accessibility

We will promote the inclusion of accessibility features, such as subtitles and audio descriptions for the disabled. Our aim is to make content accessible for disabled people.

We will introduce an obligation for publishers to provide a DRM-free copy of their product where necessary to allow the use of accessibility programs (for example, voice synthesiser software to "read out" an e-book to a visually impaired person).