Aim for a balanced budget

Whilst not achievable in the very short term, we support the fact that the UK needs a balanced budget rather than continuous deficit spending.   

Rate all spending in pounds per QALY

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence uses the "Quality Adjusted Life year" (QALY) as a measure of how much good a drug does. To be approved, the drug must buy at least one QALY for each £30,000 spent.

Require sensible service contracts

Private for-profit transport providers have on occasion managed to renegotiate contracts with local and national authorities in order to reduce losses and costs when times have got tougher. These moves are almost always taken in order to protect profits and sometimes occur shortly after being awarded a franchise. This has led to poorer service to the communities that these providers serve and has harmed the reputation of local and national governments. We will ensure that private companies that bid to provide public services are held accountable for any breaches of contract.

Implement proportional representation

We see proportional representation as vital to ensuring that government properly represents everyone, and that everyone's voice matters in elections. We intend to restart the national debate and push for a system of proportional representation to be implemented for all elections in the UK.

Votes at 16

Everyone is affected by government policy, but the disparity between representation and responsibility is greatest between those aged 16, who cannot vote, and those aged 18 who can.

Everything from education policy through to health and social policy can have an immediate effect on 16 year olds have no say in who represents them at a national and local level. At 16 a person can join the Army, but not vote. A 16 year old can work, but not vote. A 16 year old is old enough to be tried in a court and punished for breaking the law, but cannot vote.

Increase government transparency and accountability.

We will introduce a new right for constituents to force a by-election in the event of a loss of confidence in their MP.

We will require minutes of all meetings of officials on government business to be accessible through Freedom of Information requests. We will also aim to ensure that all available information that could be requested under a Freedom of Information request is made public by default.

We will require that all international treaties be passed through the UK parliament as a standard bill, requiring the full approval of both houses.

Require court order for any covert surveillance

Any body, including the police, should be required to obtain a court order in order to perform any covert surveillance of specific individuals. Where obtaining a warrant would prevent the police acting on an immediate threat or pursuing a lead in an investigation, a court order should be obtained alongside the ongoing surveillance and, if denied, the subject of the surveillance must be informed. The court order required should be proportional to the amount of surveillance, the degree of the suspected offence and the amount of evidence against the individual.

Protect the right to protest

The right to protest and express dissent without fear of reprisal is fundamental to a democratic society and the exercise of freedom of speech. The Pirate Party seeks to uphold and protect this right, wherever people wish to make use of it. Withholding labour is also part of the tradition of protest and must also be protected.

Create a formal notion of pseudopublic space

There's very little genuinely public space in the UK; whether you are looking for it online or offline, but there are many places that are private and yet modern life strongly encourages you into, like shopping centres, walkways, parks and open spaces around churches and other buildings.

These spaces have become so important to people, that it is time to recognise that citizens have rights in them, despite being private places.

Reform libel law to bolster free speech

English and Scottish defamation law both need a thorough overhaul. At present they present an unacceptable risk to free speech. We will make it clear that the truth is an absolute defence against any defamation claim and significantly reduce the burden and costs faced by defendants in defamation cases.