Top Gear’s Argentina Could Be Future Britain

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Over the weekend Top Gear aired its Patagonia special, which ended in quite spectacular fashion. While most of us already knew the ending already (as it made international news at the time) it was quite a different thing seeing the ending in context.

What’s more it’s something we’re increasingly likely to see on UK streets if current indications are anything to go by.

Nationalism is sweeping across Europe, as a way for many to express their dissatisfaction with the way their countries are being run. However, the outrage could not be more misplaced, as it’s aimed strictly at those at the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum, those who have done nothing to cause the issues, but are hailed as the problem.

Vote for more Pirates in the European Parliament

The Pirate Party will be standing in the upcoming May 22nd European Parliament elections in the North West region.  

You can support the campaign by getting involved in the North West, or Nationally - We also need to fund the campaign, so donate if you can - see our crowdfunding effort here: http://www.pozible.com/project/180266.

First on the Pirate Party North West list is Maria Aretoulaki. She runs her own IT consultancy as well as being a dubstep DJ and promoter. Born in Greece, Dr Aretoulaki speaks 4 languages and has lived in 3 different EU countries. Next on the list are George Walkden, lecturer in linguistics at Manchester University and Pirate Party Manchester organiser and Europe spokesperson Jack Allnutt.

We are campaigning for the UK to be a part of positive change in the EU- for a more transparent and democratically accountable Europe, for a Europe that is right for all of us. We have been calling for a referendum on Britain's EU membership since 2012, because we want people to have their say - and we will be campaigning to show that the UK is a vital part of the EU. 

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014 - 10:00

Citizen Participation and Open Government

Democracy Add-On for Europe

PIRATES demand the writing of a new European Union treaty designed to clarify and replace current treaties and address the need for democratic reform within the Union, provided it is accepted by the citizens of the Union through a referendum.

The present EU legislative process is dominated by the executive branch (the European Commission) at the expense of the legislative branch (the European Parliament). PIRATES seek an adjustment to the balance of power in European Institutions to favour the legislative branch.

Time for Pirate Politics

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