PPI Conference

Liam Dolman : Day One of the Pirate Parties International Conference

Its the end of the first day of the Pirate Parties International Conference, so its natural to ask "what has been accomplished? " At the opening of the first day, Pirates took an 'open space' approach to let them get some work done, they put together an agenda for the day's groups and split out into groups based on what they were interested in and got on with it. The groups covered everything from methods in dealing with pro-Copyright Lobbying and the future of PPI through to crypto-parties and the future of Europe wide Pirate policy making.

Sadly for those watching the live stream the action was sparse as the conference split off into groups. Twitter updates varied between people asking delegates to wave as they wandered past, to posts criticising the PPI.

At the end of the day, a lot of ideas were communicated back to the whole conference and those watching - I won't cover all of it here (no doubt we will see something from the PPI or the groups in due course).

The first group that reported back had looked at how to best fight against copyright industry lobbyists. This is about as core as it gets in terms of Pirate issues!

They came to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be to campaign against the misconceptions the copyright industry uses to dupe policymakers and the public. The gist was that whilst the lobbyists and their patrons were very rich, we aren't and way to combat the misconceptions was to use the truth: To run a face to face campaigns, to talk to people and disprove these misconceptions. From our end, this looks like a great idea. This seems like a good idea - it would be fantastic to see some collected information about the way lobbyists are presenting the argument globally.