The Pirate Party UK's proxy for the Pirate Bay

Thursday, 10 May, 2012 - 17:00

The Pirate Party UK hosts a proxy through which internet users can access the Pirate Bay, if their country's government or ISP have decided to censor it. We have been hosting this proxy for some time and will continue to do so for as long as we are able.

The Swedish Pirate Party provides The Pirate Bay with Bandwidth

Tuesday, 18 May, 2010 - 18:00

PiratPartiet, the Swedish Pirate Party, has announced that their network will now route traffic for the homepage and search engine of The Pirate Bay. German Internet service provider Cyberbunker (CB3ROB Ltd), who was handling their traffic previously, was ordered to disconnect The Pirate Bay from the Internet, under an injunction obtained by major Hollywood Studios from the Regional Court of Hamburg, which it has not yet been able to contest. It is our understanding that this is a temporary solution while Cyberbunker examines the legal situation.