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Hello fellow Pirates
If you haven't already heard, I have retracted my Deputy Leader candidacy and resigned as Deputy Leader, also no longer rendering me the Acting Leader of the Pirate Party UK.
While the reasons for doing so vary, the epicentre as to why my resignation happened can be pointed out reasonably easily and clearly.
There is a terrible practice of the party's leadership being given all the responsibility with no real support or handover. While I enjoyed many things in the party and met some really great people, it's very regrettable there are those who do not contribute to the leadership of the party. Furthermore when the leadership are asking for help, these people do not have time to help but feel they have ample time to complain, repeatedly, after the fact about how the leadership have done something inaccurate or just plain wrong.
It is simply not possible to hold your leadership to account if you sit there silent when they are asking "What should we do about <insert edgy hot topic>".

I'm looking for a promotion...

Hello all,

Way back when, in 2011 I said I wanted to help get the party working, especially with regard to elections, fix some of the issues we'd identified coming out of the 2010 General election, work on policy and do a few other bits and pieces before hopefully standing as a candidate. Well, I think that time has come. So, I've tendered my resignation as campaigns officer and will now be doing more with the Party in Sheffield. 

To be clear, I will remain in post until the election is run and will be able to offer both a handover and ongoing support where it is needed. 

That will mean I'll have less time for the national, I won't be spending anything like as much time in Manchester, but I will  follow my own advice and start on the local. As well as putting the time I need to into my family and work, my energy and time will be focused on Sheffield.

What I'd really like to do what I wanted to do some time ago. Stand as a candidate, if the party in Sheffield will have me.

I'm actually really pleased that I can do this, the party is on a solid footing.

The office in Manchester underscores that. what we have achieved in terms of elections in the last two years makes it clear that we have changed significantly, we've stepped up. We aren't fighting fires, we are starting to light them.

Obviously the timing here is important, I obviously considered staying on until the next NEC elections, but I think I can do more in the General Election at the sharp end than I can do in support. I also happen to know that there are a few people who are interested in taking over the running of campaigns now that the additional tasking has been split out to other people.  That means now is the ideal time to make this change, it gives me and any future campaigns officer enough time to get themselves in post and ready for the General Election. 

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