Opinion: EU VAT Mess

As noted by Mark Chapman on 15th December 2014, the VATMOSS VATMESS had the potential to cause untold problems for small digital sellers. The following is the personal experience of Sharon, Pirate Party member and small business owner, which bears out the concerns and issues.

This is a personal account of my experience and knowledge of the new rules.

Having run my own web design business for six years, and in the process of expanding into online courses to generate income, imagine my total surprise and shock when I started seeing news circulating in November last year about new rules coming into force on 1st January 2015 regarding B2C digital sales to the EU.


Remove VAT from e-books

Paper books are free from VAT yet e-books are not. A book should be defined by what it provides not the material that is used to produce it, and any tax on books is a tax on reading. Like paper books, e-books should be zero-rated for VAT as soon as possible. We will remove VAT from e-books.