Work Till You Drop: How Austerity Affects Our Pensions

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You'd think that after decades of active participation in the labour market your just reward would be to be able to sit back and enjoy a leisurely retirement at age sixty or sixty five. Not any more. According to the preliminary findings of former CBI boss John Cridland, people joining the workforce today may find they are obliged to work till their mid-seventies — or later — in order to qualify for their state pension. Why is this happening and how did Mr. Cridland arrive at that conclusion? From April 2028 the state retirement age will be the figure set after the review is published next May.

Teach entrepreneurial skills in schools

Schools should prepare children for life after education. With the support of school governors and parents, schools should have the option of providing entrepreneurial skills as part of their curriculum.

In our current economic system it is important that children to learn about competition, taking risks and strategy.