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Friday, 27 February, 2015 - 17:15

As the Labour Party gears up its attempt to attract younger voters, Ed Miliband has committed the party to keeping tuition fees in place, but reducing them by 1/3 to £6000 a year.

Loan interest rates would also increase from 3% to 4% for graduates in the highest tax brackets. This increase would pay for students from basic income tax families to receive an additional £400 pounds of maintenance.

The Pirate Party committed to eliminating tuition fees in 2010, reiterating that position again in its 2011/12 policy process.

Pirate Party Salford's Candidate Sam Clark...

Net Neutrality



Open Data, Open Opportunity.

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Last night I attended a set of talks organised by Open Data Manchester, as part of Manchester's excellent Future Everything festival that is running this week. The talks were about how open data sets can be beneficial to the "Third Sector" - voluntary, charity and community work, to benefit the disadvantaged.

Since our inception, the openness of government has been a key stone of Pirate politics. A democratically run country absolutely requires openness and transparency to exist, in order to make the elected representatives accountable to the electorate. It's through obfuscation of data, back door deals, and deliberate misuse of facts and statistics that a government manipulates their position of power to their own ends, strengthening their own position, and eroding the ability for the electorate to hold them accountable, creating a vicious circle. The end result of this is a direct route towards absolute power, and, as we all know,  absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Latest Amendments to the Party Constitution Pass

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After being put to member vote the results for the latest amendments to the Party constitution are now available. Members voted in favour of accepting all of the proposed amendments and the new Constitution is now available.

As an immediate consequence of these amendments the following must occur:

  • The NEC must have a Code of Practive which should refer to all voting NEC positions other than Leader & Deputy
  • The Board must empanel a Financial Oversight Committee - it does already informally have one but this must become an official one
  • Nominations for Deputy Leader must open as soon as practicable
  • The NEC must designate a voting NEC member who is responsible to the party for the management of the party's finances - it may do this via its Code of Practice

Privacy, digital rights and social equality.

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I attended the Manchester ORG meetup tonight; the first meetup of 2015 chaired by the head of ORG, Jim Killock. The subject was a topic dear to my heart: Dragnet Internet Surveillance, and how it affects all of us.  An easy thing to focus on when discussing mass surveillance is the "needle in a haystack" approach that is so favoured by the current Home Office, and all those that have come before: The idea that "they" are not reading your email, "they" are only looking for bad actors in amongst that sea of information. This response tackles the issue at far, far too high a level: The question isn't whether an individual's email is or is not being read; the underlying issue is that people are forced to change their behaviour on the basis that they may be being watched. That is a direct attack on everyone's liberty.

Think Different? Vote Different.

Loz Kaye, Pirate Party Leader
Talk Date: 
Saturday, 21 February, 2015
Talk Location: 
Studio 202, Islington Mill
James Street
M3 5HW
United Kingdom

This Year's Conference

It's clear that the Pirate Party is needed more than ever. That our brand of politics which is not afraid to be controversial is an antidote to the grey identikit types that dominate UK mainstream parties. From mass surveillance, restoring confidence in our broken democracy, making politics something everyone can take part in, challenging international agreements that threaten our freedoms, we're dealing with issues that the others aren't.

Time to put mental health front and centre for this year's general election

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Mental healthcare in the UK is in desperate need of support. According to a 2001 report by the Office of National Statistics, one in four British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year, and one in six experiences this at any given time. It's not just about quality of life, either: people are dying. Mortality rates in under-75s suffering from severe mental illness are a shocking three times as high as those in the rest of the population, with a premature mortality rate of fifteen to twenty years. Suicide is the leading cause of death among men under 50 in England and Wales, as well as one of the leading causes overall.


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