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Monday, 20 April, 2015 - 11:30

The Pirate Party is to run on UK politics' first truly crowd-sourced manifesto. The Pirate Party stands for bringing democracy closer to people and making a politics which works with them.

The General Election fighting manifesto for candidates is available at:

The full policy set is available at: https://...

Watch Now:

General Election 2015: A pirate, a cannabis campaigner and the voice of apathy - the candidates you may not have seen

Beyond the major parties, there are a host of candidates fighting for issues close to their hearts at this General Election

The Pirate Party was the first in the UK to crowd-source its manifesto, gathering policies from all those who submitted them.

Their primary policy, shared with other Pirate Parties in various countries like Sweden and Germany, is the reform of copyright and patent laws.

Sunday, 26 April, 2015 - 12:00

Policy Process Results and General Election Fighting Manifesto

So here we are, the results of our latest crowdsourcing policy process, added in to our existing policy set. This has resulted in our broadest ever political platform - made by you, not cooked up by 'focus groups'.

You can see the results on -

The results are broken down in to different areas, from Digital Rights and Surveillance to Welfare and Work.

Each area has all the individual points linked after an overview.

We have produced a General Election fighting manifesto for the candidates here:

It's more condensed to get across the key points. After all, if all of this could be achieved in just five years that would be quite something!

I'm really proud of what we are doing in British politics, which is showing that it can be done in a different way. Of course it's just a start. This needs to be expanded, and argued over ever further. Democracy should be about a process.

But now - let's get out and support the Pirate voice and tell people it's time to think different.

If you can help out, do mail us on

For a breakdown of results please see:

Why I'm not a Green

David Elston's picture

...and why you're not a Green too.

On the campaign trail it's not uncommon for Green Party supporters and sympathies to ask:

“If digital rights are so important to you why don't you join the Green Party?”

While it is true that perhaps there are forward looking people in the Green Party with their heart in the right place, the digital world will never be a priority for the Greens. They're inexperienced, they've come late to the digital fight, they're a little too, well, green. I say this as someone who joined the Greens hoping they were a truly progressive party but left when there was a completely void of support for our digital freedoms.

As it was put by a co-host on The White Rose Club radio yesterday “Greens are like 3G and the Pirate Party are 4G” which I think captures it perfectly. Essentially while there is a faction within the Greens that know there is something in the digital world that needs their attention, they're most certainly not up to date while Pirates are at the frontier.

The second question I get asked is:

Support Mark at Hustings Event 18th April

Dear London Members,

Mark Chapman, your PPC for Vauxhall is attending a hustings event on Saturday 18th April. This will be held at St. Mark's, Kennington Churchyard Farmers' Market from about 10am.

This is an opportunity for local constituents to ask their candidates questions. It would be really useful to have some other Pirate Party members there to help him. This help could constitute showing a PPUK logo (t-shirt, badge, full-facial tattoo) to show Mark isn't alone, operating a stand handing out Pirate Party leaflets and answering questions (we can give you information about what to say), asking difficult questions to other candidates on Pirate topics (mass surveillance, drug patents, etc.).

You do not have to live in Vauxhall to help - we welcome members travelling across London to come and help out. When you have your own local candidate we will return the favour and come and help you!

If you really would love to help Mark but can't make this one event, do let us know how you can help at We have some ideas for how you can help written up at so please take a moment to read this.

Real Action For Children Not Censorship

Loz Kaye's picture

So a week in to the General Election campaign, and finally the Internet has been noticed by one of the big old parties.

It wasn't a mention of the benefit the web brings to our economy, not to open up access to technology, not to put actual figures on the vague promises in George Osborne's budget on digital infrastructure.

No, it was screaming tabloid headlines and a promise from the Tories to bring in web blocking powers, Internet regulation and what amounts to electronic ID cards.

This was all under pretence of protecting children with measures we have repeatedly pointed out that do nothing of the sort.

Election 2015: The fifty shades of Parliament

The the battle for Number 10 has been described as a stark choice between the Conservatives and Labour. But is it really just red against blue? Across the country, parties flying flags of all colours will be vying for your vote....

Initially formed in Sweden, the Pirate Party launched in the UK in 2009. Its 2015 conference had a "bring your own rum" policy.  

Thursday, 2 April, 2015 - 22:00


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